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Everyone needs that fresh reset in their home, office, or apartment unit. Picking stuff up and vacuuming just isn’t enough to make a real difference. Bacteria and pollen get trapped deep inside your carpets and professional cleaning services may be required. Some households will need additional assistance to clean rugs, mattresses, and tile flooring too. 

Our mission at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning will always be focused on delivering quality service at an affordable price. We believe in establishing positive relationships with customers in every community as we operate across 9 different cities from Los Angeles to San Diego. Call Eco Green today for available appointments If you live near the following areas:

Several years ago, we decided to launch our small business because we thought more people needed access to professional cleaning services. Carpet cleaning companies have always been available, but very few businesses could execute a broad range of cleaning techniques. For example, it takes certain skills to successfully pull off carpet cleaning as opposed to mattress cleaning

Luckily, we’ve hired talented professionals at Eco Green who can execute many cleaning practices. That’s an important factor when hiring new people for our staff. We want experienced carpet cleaning technicians that have mastered everything from rug cleaning to upholstery cleaning. Each appointment is different and being able to offer more options to customers is essential. 

Variety Of Services

When you have a company that can perform multiple tasks and adapts to different situations, it’s extremely valuable! Eco Green embodies that concept by offering a long list of services, which includes our exceptional tile and grout cleaning. For any type of surface that needs cleaning, Eco Green has you covered. Tile accumulates dirt and grease the same way carpets and rugs do.

We receive a lot of calls regarding stain removal on a regular basis, but people don’t realize your tile can get stained too. If you think about where tile flooring is located in a house or building, it’s most likely found in kitchens and bathrooms. These areas are moist environments where water and various other substances sit idle for a long time without cleaning.

Meanwhile, mold and mildew fester and thrive under those conditions, causing unsafe circumstances for anybody nearby. Exposure to these types of fungi is potentially dangerous and if you ever notice mold growth anywhere inside your home, call Eco Green immediately. We’ll send a technician out right away for emergency tile and grout cleaning. 

Nobody likes dealing with messes because sometimes they’re nasty and smell bad, but letting the unpleasant odor linger around is even worse. Eco Green aims to change that by fixing the problem before it becomes a long-term issue. Mold spores and increased counts of pollen inside contaminate air quality. 

Keeping You Healthy

Air quality impacts not only how you breathe, but it limits your ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Something as simple as scheduling a cleaning appointment is the most convenient solution. Without confiding in companies like Eco Green, you start to see all sorts of problems. Allergy flare-ups are no longer a seasonal concern.

You might experience year-round sneezing and coughing without any relief. Do yourself a favor and reach out to our trusted cleaning experts at Eco Green and learn about how our services can help your allergies. This is a common problem as millions of Americans suffer from severe allergies. It’s a key reason why we try to make our services available to every community in Southern California.  

Carpet cleaning companies have always been available, but very few businesses can specialize in different cleaning methods. Many people go months, sometimes even years, without cleaning their mattresses or getting their upholstered furniture deep cleaned. Do you know how much dust and debris gets left behind during that period? 

Get The Cleaning You Need

Perhaps lack of cleaning is due to low awareness or maybe life just got in the way. We’re all navigating busy lives and it’s a constant battle trying to stay on schedule. Eco Green is here to alleviate the stress of scheduling cleaning appointments by opening early and staying open late. We’re open every day of the week for the benefit of customers. 

We believe every Californian has the right to a clean home or office setting. We’re improving every day to become a more efficient business and build a vast network of loyal customers. We also have a personal goal of education and information sharing when it comes to professional cleaning methods.

Feel free to check out our company blog for expert tips and advice about a wide range of cleaning topics. What’s the point of holding back years’ worth of professional cleaning knowledge? That information should be shared and discussed so we can all learn about implementing the best cleaning practices!

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