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  • Clean and remove carpet stains
  • Keep your carpet clean and elegant
  • Remove bacteria from carpets and rugs
  • Give your home a comfortable feel


Trained and experienced company

Carpet Cleaning

Eco Green Carpet Cleaning in Pomona eliminates even the deepest dirt and soil. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians work seven days a week to deliver the best possible care to residential and commercial properties around the community. We utilize the latest equipment and technology and are always finding innovative ways to execute our job.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered fabrics on couches, chairs, sofas, ottomans, and loveseats absorb a fair amount of dust and allergens. Upholstery cleaning in Pomona is available for anyone needing a quick freshen-up around the living room. It’s super fast and easy with Eco Green’s same-day appointment scheduling process.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs sometimes get neglected and go unnoticed for long periods of time. That’s okay and understandable given your busy life, but eventually, rug cleaning in Pomona is necessary. Eco Green can assist with this by getting all of your rugs cleaned in a quick and efficient manner.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning in Pomona performed by Eco Green Carpet Cleaning provides a bunch of advantages. Customers tell us they can breathe easier and sleep better because the air in their bedroom is pure and fresh. A good night’s sleep is only a phone call away!

Stain Removal

Carpet and rug stains that linger around too long become more permanent as the days go on. Take care of them immediately with Eco Green’s carpet and rug cleaning in Pomona and we’ll have your home and office looking spotless! Call us today for a free quote and schedule an appointment!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Mold and grease choose tiled floors as their ideal habitat because they love tight and moist spaces. Eco Green’s Pomona tile and grout cleaning protect kitchens and bathrooms against these bacteria to give your floors a brand new shine. Find out how tile and grout cleaning can spruce up your home or commercial office right now.


Trusted by many in our community

Carpet Cleaning Service In Pomona

Maintaining a clean house that you can showcase to friends and family is a very gratifying feeling. And you don’t have to be a household that hosts a lot of parties and family gatherings either because everyone deserves a dose of freshness once in a little while. Eco Green Carpet Cleaning produces the freshest carpet cleaning in Pomona.

Through our premium line of professional cleaning services, we cover all the bases and have the ability to pivot between different rooms and surfaces across your home. Living room touch-ups are easy with our carpet cleaning technicians who can transition from carpets to upholstery cleaning instantaneously! Versatility comes naturally to us and exemplifies why Eco Green is a reliable business within the Pomona community. 

Enhanced Air Quality 

Maybe the most significant benefit of carpet cleaning in Pomona is improved air quality. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that your living room, dining room, and bedroom floors will look immaculate, but eliminating dust and dirt particles that can taint the air inside your home is also important. We all want to breathe clean air and be able to take smooth, deep breaths.

Eco Green believes you deserve that too, which makes Pomona carpet and rug cleaning services an essential duty. Perhaps you have small children running around the house constantly, playing and jumping across every square foot of your home, or maybe you manage an entire team of employees inside an office building. 

These are people you deeply care about and feel a responsibility to protect and keep safe. Making sure everyone has cleaner air to breathe is a small step you can take to foster healthier habits. The only way to truly find out what Eco Green’s Pomona carpet cleaning can do for your home or office is by contacting us today!

Affordable Prices

Carpet cleaning in Pomona should be available to everyone in the community. We’re always making an effort to offer our services at an affordable price. It’s important for carpet cleaning companies in Pomona to ask themselves, is anything we offer too expensive? Our mission at Eco Green is to provide the best cleaning experience to the most people.

So what does this commitment look like? Our Pomona carpet cleaning prices are set to be competitive. From the first quote, you’re getting a solid idea of what we charge, and in turn, you receive a sense of what other carpet cleaners in Pomona are asking for the same service. If you can find someone with a lower price than us, still give us a call.

We might be able to match it and offer a lower price depending on what kind of work you need. That’s really how devoted we are to getting your patronage. We would love to work with you and form a positive relationship while offering the best carpet cleaning in Pomona.

Fast Appointment Scheduling

Carpet cleaning in Pomona is often defined by how quickly the job gets done. We never sacrifice the quality of our work, but speed and efficiency are two of Eco Green’s main core principles. You have to understand your customers, and after being in business for many years, we’ve learned that people want things done fast.

Our ability to schedule same-day appointments means you can have everything done in just a few hours from now! We will send a technician directly to your home or business as soon as we have an opening, and you can get your cleaning out of the way. With some carpet stains, you really shouldn’t wait for them to settle. 

Get your Pomona carpet cleaning without haste, and rest easy knowing everything has been taken care of! We’d like to take the burden off waiting around for Pomona carpet cleaners to show up and manage your time wisely. We know you have better things to do and a schedule to keep, so hire Eco Green for the fastest carpet cleaning in Pomona! 

Professional Quality 

We can’t provide quality service without the knowledge and expertise of our staff. You won’t  find another team of Pomona carpet cleaning technicians more dedicated and committed to serving their customers. A lot of our employees have been with us for a long time because they share similar goals and genuinely enjoy helping others.

Talent and experience outweigh most factors when it comes to choosing the best Pomona carpet cleaning service. Eco Green Carpet Cleaning deserves your consideration because we deliver on every type of cleaning job from carpet cleaning to mattress cleaning to tile and grout cleaning. The talent on our staff allows us to push farther and break down barriers. 

Through their hard work and gained experience, we’re able to take care of Pomona and clean carpets better than the competition! When you combine our high level of craftsmanship with the enthusiasm and willingness to do an exceptional job, we hope everyone has the opportunity to seek our carpet cleaning services in Pomona.


See what our customers have to say

He made a 100% difference and we are so grateful for how professional and thorough he was. Will definitely be using his services again.

Douglas Rios
Google Reviews

Quick response time and competitive pricing. Friendly and professional - great work!

James Hodge
Google Reviews

I have used this company twice and both times they did not disappoint! Quick, professional and knowledgeable!

Kenneth James
Google Reviews

Excellent job. Fast and thorough. I recommended them to my neighbors.

Geraldine Roberts
Google Reviews

I was happy to pay the small deposit. Chris was efficient, thorough and personable, and the results look to be excellent (carpet still drying). I would certainly use again.

Johnny Torres
Google Reviews

Fantastic job, quick friendly and carpet now look like new! Extremely efficient and friendly. Will defiantly use again.

Maria Daynie
Google Reviews

Very good communication, polite, nice operative, good job.

Arline Morris
Google Reviews

My carpets look brand new and I didn’t have to part with thousands of pounds. The man who cleaned them was lovely and now I can’t wait to have my sofas cleaned. Thank you for your cleaning service!

Arlind Baku
Google Reviews

Excellent job. Very professional and a very personable technician. I would definitely use again.

Felicia Abraham
Google Reviews

He even showed me what he had taken out my carpet afterwards. Removed gloss stains and other stains that had been there for years. Very happy will definitely use these again!

Donna Linda
Google Reviews

Explained everything and were efficient. Would definitely recommend them again!

Donna Karen
Google Reviews

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Common questions and answers

What does deep cleaning carpet mean?

Small carpet soils seep into your carpet over time. These soils can sometimes be difficult to remove through conventional carpet cleaning. Deep cleaning is an additional step we take in these situations that reaches deep into the carpet to get your soil out.

Can anyone try to clean their carpets?

Sure, anyone can attempt to clean their carpets. There are no rules against it since you are free to do anything in the comfort of your own living space. However, professional carpet cleaning in Pomona is going to give you the best results and fresher clean overall.

Is shampoo good for your carpet?

Carpet shampooing is just one type of Pomona deep carpet cleaning method we perform at Eco Green. Not everyone needs to shampoo their carpets, but you do need to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Experts recommend that if you want to minimize the risk of harmful particles and toxins, you need to have these Pomona carpet cleanings done regularly.

Could you replace carpet cleaning with vacuuming?

No. Carpet cleaning in Pomona done by Eco Green is a completely different process than vacuuming. For one, we use professional equipment that the majority of the general public does not have access to, and we know all the tricks and techniques of the industry.

Do delicate rugs need special cleaning treatment?

Fortunately, our technicians at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning know how to clean your delicate rug without causing any damage. Delicate rugs warrant a certain type of care and gentleness that typically only a professional can offer.

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