Professional Rug Cleaning Service

A professional rug cleaner can make your rugs look better than ever. Even if you think you can clean them yourself, it’s always safer to trust a professional. Some rugs are expensive and fragile, meaning you might cause some damage when trying to clean them. Our cleaning experts can help you out in that capacity.

Our rug cleaning technicians are experts at their jobs. They can eliminate dirt deep within fibers, whether rugs, carpets, mattresses, or upholstery, and leave everything clean and fresh. You can rely on them to do the job as flawlessly as possible.

Our Rug Cleaning Professionals

Our professional rug cleaning technicians are experienced in doing the job right. They’ve dealt with a wide variety of rugs, so they’ll know how to deal with yours. Rugs come in many different shapes and sizes, and if you need them clean, you need to rely on someone that knows them well.

Some rugs are made of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester, making them generally cheap and durable. Others are made of more fragile or pricey materials, like wool and silk. These need special care to be properly cleaned. You can trust a professional to understand your rug and know what to do.

Rug Cleaning Locations

We can come to your home and get you professional rug cleaning all over southern California. Wherever you are in SoCal, an Eco Green Carpet Cleaning technician is likely nearby, waiting for you to call. We cover the following areas:

If you’re in or near any of these locations, why not give us a call? We can get over to your home and clean your dirty rugs. Call us today, and we’ll send a technician over to you.

The Rug Cleaning Process

The exact process of rug cleaning differs based on the kind of rug you have and what your needs are. You have multiple options, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Whatever you choose, make sure you remove any obstructing furniture beforehand. This will make it easier for the technician to clean your rug effectively. It also helps to vacuum beforehand to ensure everything gets as clean as possible.

Once the technician arrives, they will use whatever cleaning technique is necessary for your situation. Afterward, they’ll be on their way, and you’ll need to wait a bit for your rug to dry.

After your rug is dry, you can vacuum it once more to eliminate anything new brought to the surface. It’s as simple as that.

But what are your various options for the actual act of rug cleaning? What happens during them, and when do you need them?

Steam Rug Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common and most effective rug cleaning method. It involves firing hot water mixed with chemicals into your rug fibers. This water dissolves most grime while bringing what it can’t dissolve to the surface, thereby removing deep stains.

Steam cleaning is a good choice for any rug that can handle it. Unfortunately, it can also be rough and have long dry times. For more fragile rugs, dry cleaning is a better option.

Dry Rug Cleaning

Dry rug cleaning is the process of a technician scrubbing chemicals into the rug. These chemicals are scrubbed deep enough to reach the bottom of the fibers, where they cause grime to dissolve and rise to the surface. Afterward, the chemicals and grime can be sucked up by a vacuum.

Dry cleaning is much gentler than steam cleaning, but it can still be rough on some rugs. Don’t worry, though – you’re still not out of options.

Specialized Rug Cleaning

If your rug is particularly fragile, we can take care of it in specialized rug cleaning facilities. It will be taken off-site and returned to you at a later time. Here, it will be looked at by rug-cleaning experts who will determine the best course of action to get your rug cleaned without damaging it.

Whatever your situation, we’re prepared to help you and adapt to your needs. You don’t need to think about how to get your rug truly clean, because we can think about that for you.

Call Today

Our expert rug cleaning technicians are standing by all over Southern California, waiting for you to call. They can get everything cleaned expertly and appropriately, all at affordable rates. Don’t try to do everything yourself, and don’t trust a lesser rug cleaning service. Instead, give us a call today.

You can schedule a same-day appointment if you want us to get a rug cleaning technician to your house in a matter of minutes. You’ll receive our services as soon as possible, and you’ll have prettier rugs by the end of the day. So what are you waiting for? Call Eco Green Carpet Cleaning now.

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