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  • Clean and remove carpet stains
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  • Remove bacteria from carpets and rugs
  • Give your home a comfortable feel


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Carpet Cleaning

The floor you walk on can affect the air you breathe. Don’t let it be riddled with bacteria. Contact a professional carpet cleaner and eliminate the carpet soils that have been worsening inside your carpet. We can help you have fresh and clean carpets in no time.

Upholstery Cleaning

You sit on your couches and chairs every day, and all the while, they’re getting dirtier and dirtier. That dirt is, in turn, rubbing off on you when you sit down. Don’t let these messes get out of hand - call us for professional upholstery cleaning in Santa Ana.

Rug Cleaning

Whether you have average, run-of-the-mill rugs or priceless family heirlooms, we can clean your rugs without causing any damage. Don’t rely on a rug cleaning service that’s inexperienced enough to create problems and even damage fibers while trying to get things clean. Call us for professional Santa Ana rug cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Would you still have a good night’s rest every night if you knew what was inside your mattress? Mattresses can get very nasty quickly. If you don’t get them cleaned regularly, you’ll be rolling around in that filth every night. Don’t wake up to a nightmare - call us for mattress cleaning.

Stain Removal

Eliminate stains with our special stain removal services. An unpleasant look leads to an unpleasant life, and you don’t want to live around stains and messes. That’s why you should call us and have your stains cleaned by professionals that can get rid of any bad stains.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can encourage mold growth, which can potentially cause serious health issues if ignored. Ensure your tile and grout aren’t causing harm to you or anyone else in your household. Contact a professional tile and grout cleaner to affirm everything is safe and mold-free.


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Eco Green Carpet Cleaning In Santa Ana

It’s vital to have a professional clean for you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause damage or even bigger messes. You might accidentally allow a stain to set or spread your stain further than it needs to be. You’ll most likely miss many spots and believe things to be cleaner than they actually are. You need a professional to look at your messes.

Eco Green Carpet Cleaning has the cleaning you need. Our Santa Ana cleaning professionals can clean up carpets, upholstery, tile, and more. Don’t settle for less – call us for our professional services. We have all of the qualities you need in a professional cleaning service.

Hire Experienced Santa Ana Cleaning Professionals

Without the proper experience, cleaning can go wrong very fast. It’s easy to think that cleaning up is inherently good and can only reduce mess, but this is unfortunately not the case. Improper application of water can result in mold and mildew growth. Using the wrong chemicals can result in stained or damaged carpet fibers. Anything stuck deeper than the surface can be ignored.

When it comes to giving you a proper cleaning, our Santa Ana cleaning professionals know what to do. They understand the best way to clean your home or business and have the experience to do the job right.

Eco-Friendly Products For Your Santa Ana Cleaning

To get something clean, you must use chemicals that are great at destroying grime. Of course, the catch is that a chemical like sulfuric acid is technically pretty good at getting rid of dirt. The truth is that cleaning chemicals must be good at eliminating filth without destroying anything else. This can be a tricky balance to strike.

Our products are eco-friendly. When you get a Santa Ana cleaning from us, you won’t be left with cleaning residue that damages your lungs or a chemical dump that significantly hurts the environment. The chemicals you use in your cleaning matter, and we pay attention to what we’re giving you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Having a professional deep clean your home or business results in a fresher environment. If you’re sick of living in grime, hiring a Santa Ana cleaning professional is a great way to take care of that. You’ll breathe better after your air is clear of contaminants from your dirty furniture.

You don’t need to learn to live with your filth. Instead, you can make your life easier by calling us for professional cleaning in Santa Ana. Call us now and schedule a same-day appointment so we can come to your home or business as soon as possible.

Same-Day Santa Ana Cleaning Appointments

Did you know that you can get your cleaning done today? You don’t need to figure out which future time works best for you and wait around for that day to come. Call us right now, and we can send over technicians that can clean your home or business as fast as possible.

Sometimes, you can’t wait for stains to set, or you have company coming over and need things to look nice. In those instances, you can simply call us. We’ll send over one of our Santa Ana cleaning experts and get everything taken care of for you.


See what our customers have to say

Cleaned tile. Cleaned and sealed grout. My floors looked a lot better once it dried overnight. Thank you for doing a great job.

Valerie Rutherford
Google Reviews

He was on time and done an excellent job cleaning my carpet. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a cheap and affordable but excellent service. Well done.

Matthew Stower
Google Reviews

Amazing company with great work ethic, and wonderful workmanship. He was a pleasure to work with. On time to the appointment, and did a fantastic job!

Douglas Wilson
Google Reviews

The guys is very professional, on time and did a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to use them for future jobs. I recommend them highly.

Stephen Black
Google Reviews

Excellent cleaning job from the team of Eco Green Carpet Cleaning! What I like the most about them is that they use less-abrasive and eco-friendly methods without causing any harm to my home.

Gordon Pearls
Google Reviews

The price was absolutely reasonable and competitive as I had called around. I could not give them a better recommendation.

Richard Helland
Google Reviews

Super responsive and professional and he always works to fit me into his busy schedule on my short notice, which I really appreciate.

Juan Andrews
Google Reviews

A great job - thank you. Friendly and helpful advice. We will book Nil again.

Lisa Karen
Google Reviews

Absolutely brilliant they have worked magic on my very stained carpets very professional and would highly recommend too anyone.

Ian Ross
Google Reviews

The representative, Chris, was punctual and polite.and very knowledgeable and the carpet looks great.

Ellen Crane
Google Reviews

I love about them most is the way they make you feel as though you are most important client in the world. Thank you so much, will certainly recommend and use again.

Neritan Zane
Google Reviews

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Common questions and answers

What is standard deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a more efficient way to clean your home or business. A deep cleaning technician can eliminate grime deep inside your carpet, upholstery, or other furniture items.

Should you clean before a cleaner comes?

It’s helpful if the cleaner doesn’t have clutter that they need to navigate around. A preliminary vacuum before a deep cleaning may also help get your carpets even cleaner, although it’s not entirely necessary.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

It’s recommended you get everything deep cleaned at least once a year.

What's the difference between a cleaning and a deep cleaning?

Regular cleaning doesn't eliminate bacteria and other microscopic particles that could be causing health issues or damaging your carpet.

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

Make sure to move any furniture ahead of time. Get rid of anything that may obstruct the path of the cleaner.

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