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Carpet Cleaning

Unless you avoid your carpet altogether, there’s some filth living deep within those fibers. You can vacuum all you want, but you’ll never remove everything. You need a professional deep cleaner if you would like to have carpets that are fresh again. Call Eco Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles for that cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

The grime on your upholstery is most likely worsening every day. Fortunately, you don’t need to sit in it all the time. You can rest comfortably on fresher, cleaner couches and chairs after giving us a call for Los Angeles upholstery cleaning.

Rug Cleaning

It’s not a great idea to attempt to clean your expensive, delicate rugs yourself. It’s a much safer idea to trust a professional Los Angeles rug cleaning service to know what to do. A professional has the experience necessary to deal with a stained but fragile rug without causing unnecessary damage and ruining its beauty.

Mattress Cleaning

How well have you been sleeping? Do you think you might sleep better if you had a mattress that was genuinely clean to lay your head on every night? Our Los Angeles mattress cleaning technicians can remove deep bacteria and dust mites, leaving you with better nights and cleaner mornings.

Stain Removal

Stains are complicated, and when it comes to their removal, you must consider many factors. You need to understand the chemical makeup of the mess itself, alongside whatever the stain is on. A Los Angeles stain removal expert knows how to take advantage of this chemistry and eliminate stains effectively without damaging the stained object.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can get moldy in a flash. Before you know it, you’re choking on numerous mold spores that have invaded your air. Don’t let that happen. Have your tiles cleaned and cleared of any budding mold before you get a health hazard. Call Eco Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles.


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Eco Green Carpet Cleaning In Los Angeles

Imagine walking into a freshly-cleaned room and knowing that the air you breathe is rid of bacteria and other microbes. Imagine sleeping on a mattress that’s free from years worth of grime and is instead white and fluffy again. Have you ever wished you had shiny tiles and unstained grout?

The only people who wouldn’t benefit from a professional deep cleaning are those that have just received one. Our Los Angeles cleaning experts can do a lot for you and the environment you live in. Don’t worry about all the contaminants in your air – contact Eco Green Carpet Cleaning and let us clean them up.

Los Angeles Cleaning Experts

Our Los Angeles cleaning experts are some of the best people for the job to get you the clean you need for your home or business. They have the tools and experience to make your space fresh in no time. Our cleaners can help your environment reach its cleaning potential.

You don’t need to do all of the work yourself. Our professionals can get out old stains like they’re nothing and remove allergens so you can breathe easier. They’ll use their knowledge to eliminate whatever problem you may have.

Our Los Angeles Cleaning Services

We offer several different cleaning services to cover a range of possible messes. You can rely on our Los Angeles cleaning professionals to know what to do in many different situations.

We can clean both carpets and rugs, whether they’re typical floor coverings to fragile family heirlooms. We can also clean upholstery of many different types. We offer mattress cleaning services that clean up the grime that gets through your sheets. We even clean hard tile surfaces. And we offer specialized stain removal services.

Our skills are helpful in many situations. We’ll know what to do with your messes and stains.

Schedule A Same-Day Appointment For Cleaning In Los Angeles

We have you covered if you need cleaning done as soon as possible. You don’t need to worry about letting stains set or waiting around for your cleaning because we can come the same day you call. Our Los Angeles cleaning technicians are quick and efficient when getting you what you need.

Call us now, and we’ll be at your home or business in no time. You can get our essential service out of the way fast. No need to wait around for effective, professional cleaning.

We Know How To Clean

Overall, our technicians at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning know how to clean. They bring professional expertise to all of their services, whether dealing with an average carpet, elaborate tiles, or a well-worn mattress. If you need cleaning in Los Angeles, you can count on us.

So call us today and schedule your Los Angeles cleaning. You need to have your home deep cleaned at least once a year, so what are you waiting for? We offer affordable rates and high-quality professionalism to anyone in the Los Angeles area that needs a grade-A deep cleaning.


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He was amazing!! Great personality, just a lovely person all around!! Very informative and funny!! Our carpets look amazing. Thank you.

Arthur Bradley
Google Reviews

Great service and care for our carpet. Looks great! Thanks.

Lisa Crawford
Google Reviews

The technician, Mike, was really friendly, helpful, tidy and efficient. Would certainly use the company again!

Elvira Baresi
Google Reviews

Very prompt and polite! Sofa looks amazing! Would definitely recommend.

Daniel Bergin
Google Reviews

Quick and efficient service. Carpets looking better than ever.

Geraldine Graham
Google Reviews

Great company, upfront about the cleaning and the possibilities with the stains we had, down to spillages and general wear and tear, made the carpet look as good as it could be, and we’re really happy with the overall clean, would highly recommend and I would use again.

Camden Kelly
Google Reviews

Excellent service very polite and helpful, great job quick and efficient would recommend your company.

Tamara Cooper
Google Reviews

Nick was very polite and friendly, and happy to work around our somewhat chaotic household! Most importantly, our carpets look amazing - all stains and signs of wear-and-tear are gone and they really do look new.

Nydia Prater
Google Reviews

Really happy with my fresh smelling and clean lounge. Would definitely use them again.

Jhon Bilder
Google Reviews

They were always do get great job. I use them a lot and I recommend them to everyone. Thanks.

James Jhon
Google Reviews

The price was very good and quality was exceptional. I would highly recommend.

Katherine Baker
Google Reviews

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Common questions and answers

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

Steam cleaning is more effective, but shampooing is easier on more fragile carpets. Make sure steam cleaning is compatible with yours before trying it.

Does professional carpet cleaning make a difference?

Professional carpet cleaning removes carpet soils that you can’t see but cause damage anyway. They may be destroying your carpet fibers and decreasing your carpet’s lifespan, or they could be producing bacteria, spores, and other allergens, impacting your health.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

Professional carpet cleaning can remove many of the particles that create pet odors. It’s a solid choice for removing your pet odors.

How do you get dog urine smell out of carpet permanently?

Hire a professional cleaner to eliminate all the remaining dog urine creating the smell in your carpet.

Does professional carpet cleaning remove stains?

Professional carpet cleaning can eliminate stains set deep into carpet fibers better than regular vacuuming.

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