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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in San Diego is both a necessity and a luxury when you call Eco Green Carpet Cleaning. We make our services accessible and affordable for everyone because we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to have the freshest carpets in San Diego! Call Eco Green today and set up your appointment at your earliest convenience.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture rarely gets mentioned when it’s time to give your home or apartment a deep clean. Everything else like carpets, rugs, and bathrooms and kitchen tile are always prioritized. Eco Green is here to change that because we believe upholstery cleaning in San Diego is equally important in keeping your living and working space neat and tidy.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs come in many different sizes, styles, and colors. There are countless combinations and you’re going to need a company that can clean each one. Luckily, Eco Green has the ability to execute rug cleaning in San Diego better than anyone else! Our years of experience place us as one of the best rug cleaning companies in the surrounding community.

Mattress Cleaning

Are you someone who can't sleep through the night without tossing and turning? It might be time for a professional-grade mattress cleaning appointment. Debilitating allergies and annoying odors sometimes get trapped inside mattresses and pose severe consequences. Eco Green’s San Diego mattress cleaning can help with that to deliver peaceful sleep every night.

Stain Removal

Eco Green’s carpet and rug cleaning in San Diego attacks deep stains and restores freshness. It doesn’t matter if the stains have been there for years and seem impossible to get rid of. Our expert team of carpet cleaning technicians is up for the challenge and strategically fights the toughest of stains with eco-friendly cleaning formulas.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The space between your bathroom and kitchen tiles, also known as grout, forms a nice, moist habitat for mold and mildew. Exposure to these fungi can be very unsanitary and detrimental to your health. One phone call to Eco Green and we’ll have you set up for San Diego tile and grout cleaning in no time!


Trusted by many in our community

Carpet Cleaning Service In San Diego

Eco Green Carpet Cleaning boasts a strong reputation for providing superb carpet cleaning in San Diego, as well as the rest of our professional cleaning services. We have you covered for everything you need because we believe there is value in giving people options. Maybe your area rugs around the house are just as dirty as your carpets. No problem!

Our reliable carpet cleaning technicians in San Diego also specialize in rug cleaning. And we don’t stop at cleaning rugs and carpets either. One of the biggest reasons our customers keep calling us in San Diego is that we offer remarkable upholstery cleaning that gives your living room extra protection against dust and germs.

When you decide to contact Eco Green, you’re opening the door to more opportunities and more services. We wanted to build our business with this strategy to make things easier for the San Diego community. Giving people choices is always beneficial and takes the stress and anxiety out of having to call multiple companies and coordinate those appointments.

Convenient Scheduling 

Convenience means everything when it comes to San Diego carpet cleaning. You need a dependable company that you can trust to show up on time and schedule appointments in an organized manner. Eco Green Carpet Cleaning has developed a phenomenal scheduling system with the ultimate goal of sending technicians out right away.

We start our carpet cleaning in San Diego as soon as one of our technicians arrives at your home or business. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to tidy up the place before we get there because we offer same-day appointments and start working right away. It really is that simple and easy!

Advanced Equipment

Gearing up for your appointment and putting in the preparation work sets the foundation for carpet cleaning in San Diego. This entails a lot of different procedures and equipment checks. For instance, you may have asked for our special tile and grout cleaning service as an add-on to our premium San Diego carpet cleaning.

These different cleaning processes require a few adjustments when our technicians transition to different surfaces. Successfully executing this transition requires an expert level of knowledge and the most innovative technology and equipment. Eco Green relies on technicians to make the right decisions and choose their equipment as they see fit for the specific task at hand.

Expert Stain Removal

The reason San Diego carpet cleaning calls for speed and efficiency at times is because of those troublesome stains. There’s no way you can predict when they happen and you certainly can’t gauge how deep they bleed into the carpet either. For a proper diagnosis and cleaning treatment plan, you’re better off seeking Eco Green’s carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Our carpet stain removal service gets straight to the problem and attacks stains without wasting time. This is absolutely critical because stains become worse as time passes. They settle into the fibers of the carpet, making them nearly impossible to clean after a while. For example, if you’ve ever spilled red wine on a white rug or coffee on a beige couch, you understand time is a factor.

Every hour that goes by after a nasty spill gets increasingly more difficult for performing a successful stain removal. By using professional-grade equipment and their expert knowledge, we’re confident our technicians will be able to treat any type of stain. In some ways, stain removal is its own skill that takes lots of time and practice to perfect. Eco Green’s San Diego carpet cleaning exceeds expectations and eliminates stains completely.

Organic Cleaning Products

Without doing your homework and properly vetting other San Diego carpet cleaning companies, you’ll never know when cleaning chemicals are potentially dangerous. It’s easy to gloss over which materials are being used. Eco Green is dedicated to taking a more holistic, natural approach to carpet cleaning in San Diego.

We’ve discovered eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are designed to clean effectively, while also producing minimal impact on the environment. Now, you might be thinking, what does San Diego carpet cleaning have to do with environmental waste? The two are very much correlated because generic carpet cleaning chemicals aren’t high quality.

Your average carpet cleaning chemicals are designed to dissolve and dissipate once they come into contact with a surface. This is extremely problematic because a chemical residue is left on your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. You’re then coming into contact with that residue and inhaling the fumes for days and weeks afterward.

Eco Green recognizes the importance of eco-friendly products and reducing harm as much as possible. Natural carpet cleaners can still provide lasting results and our San Diego carpet cleaning services are held to high standards. Organic carpet cleaning products will always be an integral part of Eco Green’s inventory.


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We just had our carpets done with Eco Green Carpet Cleaning ! We had Chris and Will, they was both amazing! They were so nice, informative, and super quick!

Jerry Jackson
Google Reviews

I personally recommend this service, He did such a good job cleaning our lounge sofa, I am very satisfied with this carpet cleaning company.

Randy Powell
Google Reviews

The guys were very careful with furniture and keeping the rest of the house clean.

John Cole
Google Reviews

Very pleased with the service. The technician was very professional and thorough.

Jeremy Carlson
Google Reviews

Communication was GREAT, Great service and care for our carpet. Looks great! Thanks.

Jack Tyler
Google Reviews

Highly recommended great service and excellent quality work. The excellent service in deep cleaning my carpet it looks almost new again! Very pleased with the service. The technician was very professional and thorough.

Joshua Reid
Google Reviews

Great service and removed a bunch of old stains. Very friendly staff. Would use again for sure. Thanks.

Morney Sweets
Google Reviews

They cleaned the Berber carpet on my stairs. Beautiful job, they got all the set in stains. Very responsive to email inquiries.

Alexis Roll
Google Reviews

Absolutely thrilled with the results of having the carpets cleaned in a rental property i moved out of.

Frank Bryant
Google Reviews

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Common questions and answers

How fast does Eco Green Carpet Cleaning book appointments?

Eco Green’s San Diego carpet cleaning schedules appointments fast and we do our best to book the same day you call us! It’s very important to us that your carpet cleaning appointments are scheduled as soon as possible so you can plan for other events going on in your life.

Can carpet cleaning technicians also clean tile?

Yes! Tile and grout cleaning is something every single one of our technicians can handle with proficiency. We apply some of the same tactics from carpet cleaning and then we put our own personal twist that works extremely well on tile flooring.

When is the best time for carpet cleaning in San Diego?

Carpet cleaning in San Diego can be performed whenever and wherever. Residential and commercial jobs are both common in our industry and all of our cleaning crews can work in those environments.

Should I save money and clean the carpets myself?

Attempting to master carpet cleaning by yourself can be tricky. And also, are you sure it saves money? Cleaning carpet the wrong way by mixing incorrect formulas together has the potential to ruin your carpets permanently, leading to astronomical replacement costs.

Do Eco Green Carpet Cleaning technicians move my furniture for me?

We kindly ask that customers move their furniture before our technicians arrive. This speeds up the cleaning process and allows our staff to get straight to work when they show up at your location!

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