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  • Clean and remove carpet stains
  • Keep your carpet clean and elegant
  • Remove bacteria from carpets and rugs
  • Give your home a comfortable feel


Trained and experienced company

Carpet Cleaning

Every residential and commercial needs a little carpet cleaning in Rosemead every few months. Treat your family or co-workers to a neat and tidy space that smells fresh and screams cleanliness! Eco Green’s elite level of carpet cleaning comes straight to your location and offers same-day appointments.

Upholstery Cleaning

Are you someone who finds yourself sneezing and itching your eyes constantly? It might be a case of bad allergies caused by exposure to dust and pollen inside your home or workplace. Eco Green’s upholstery cleaning in Rosemead effectively freshens up furniture and restores indoor air quality. Give us a call today and set up an appointment!

Rug Cleaning

Everyone spills something on their rug occasionally. It’s not a big deal if you treat the stain immediately with the right cleaning formula. Eco Green responds to stain removal requests in a timely manner and uses natural cleaning products to remedy the situation. We make the process so simple and take the hassle out of your day.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning in Rosemead clears up a lot of problems that have been disrupting your sleep. We get rid of all those annoying bacteria and dust molecules that get trapped inside the fibers of your mattress. Cleaning these irritants out allows you to breathe easier and sleep peacefully through the night.

Stain Removal

Nasty stains can very easily ruin your rugs, carpets, and mattresses. All it takes is the wrong color or chemical clashing with the wrong material. You can scrub all you want with soap and water, but sometimes you need professional help. That’s where we at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning come in and solve your stain problem with the uncanny expertise of our staff.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Kitchens and bathrooms become disgusting after a certain amount of time. Between the nonstop traffic and steady use of these areas, professional tile and grout cleaning in Rosemead could be exactly what you need! An extra layer of protection to maintain your tile flooring and enjoy the fresh shine and sparkle.


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Rosemead Carpet Cleaning

Having to do your own carpet cleaning in Rosemead as a weekly chore takes too much work. Between planning it out and getting the equipment together, it becomes a hassle and takes up a lot of time. Eco Green Carpet Cleaning makes it easy by taking care of your carpets and freeing up your busy schedule.

Carpet cleaning in Rosemead doesn’t have to consume your free time. When done right by the professionals at Eco Green, you can get by with one or two annual cleanings. Of course, this should be complemented with regular vacuuming and dusting, but a thorough Rosemead carpet cleaning can last 4 to 6 months!

Nobody does carpet cleaning in Rosemead better than our crew at Eco Green because we have unmatched experience and skill. Each one of our carpet cleaning technicians has dealt with every type of carpet and can execute a plan to clean those surfaces with perfection. That’s what the Rosemead carpet cleaning should be judged on, successful results.

Affordable Prices

Transparency and honesty with customers are two things we always try to follow at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning. Nobody should be surprised or feel like they were deceived when they get billed for our Rosemead carpet cleaning services. We offer free estimates over the phone and our technicians will answer any questions you have about prices when they arrive.

Our goal at Eco Green is to make carpet cleaning in Rosemead available to everyone. So by keeping our prices reasonable and affordable, more people have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have fresh-smelling carpets! You may think, what’s the difference? But our customers reap the benefits of clean carpets and continue to utilize our services.

Talented Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Part of our price model is predicated on closing jobs quickly and making the whole process more efficient. The more calls we can service per day, the less we can charge for carpet cleaning services in Rosemead. In order to maintain that level of consistency, you need a highly functional and capable staff. 

We certainly have that at Eco Green because we see it on a daily basis. From early in the morning to late at night, our technicians are diligently loading up supplies and head to appointments throughout the community. Rosemead carpet cleaning is our top priority and we’re committed to making a positive impact on your home or office.

This impact includes more cleaning services than the average Rosemead carpet cleaning company. That’s right, we don’t just stop at carpets. Eco Green specializes in cleaning multiple surfaces that range from mattress cleaning to upholstery cleaning to the tile in your kitchen and bathroom! Versatility is a quality we value in order to give customers more options.

Executing these different lines of service falls on our staff. It’s up to them to complete each task in an efficient manner and then move on to the next job. We keep pushing until the appointments for that day are cleared from our itinerary. The cycle continues the next day and the day after that because we remain dedicated to carpet cleaning in Rosemead!

Professional Equipment

From the moment you contact Eco Green, we begin gearing up for your appointment and putting in the preparation work. This involves a lot of different procedures and equipment checks. For example, maybe you requested tile and grout cleaning services in addition to our standard carpet stain removal. Our technicians are responsible for accommodating you.

We need to keep the proper inventory ready to go for every call and be prepared. A few adjustments have to be made for each Rosemead carpet cleaning appointment because we treat so many different surfaces. And since Eco Green is a mobile carpet cleaning service, all equipment needs to be available at all times.

It sounds very simple and easy to manage, but it’s actually one of the hardest parts of the job. Equipment checks are so important because machines are always evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Eco Green stays ahead of industry trends and uses the latest technology and equipment to carry out carpet cleaning in Rosemead better than the competition. 

Quick Scheduling

We understand how much our customers appreciate their free time. Eco Green is constantly looking for ways to speed up our service without diminishing the quality of our work. Whether it’s how fast we pick up the phone, how soon we can come out, or how long the appointment takes, we try to move as fast as possible. 

It took us several years, but we can confidently say Eco Green has perfected a Rosemead carpet cleaning system built on fast service without the need to hurry. There’s always going to be a sense of urgency we bring to every job. The key is channeling that urgency into our craft and implementing our professional carpet cleaning techniques.


See what our customers have to say

I can not believe how professional & kind the gentlemen that done my house this morning was & on time. Thank you so much you have done a wonderful job I'll be recommending you to friends & family!!

Jasmin Hanae
Google Reviews

Really great people every time I've used them. He just came out. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and fast. The prices are very reasonable.

Aleks Zane
Google Reviews

Carpet Cleaning is very professional company. They do excellent work and great customer service!

Brandon Freeman
Google Reviews

Would Definitely recommend. The carpet cleaner was extremely polite and very nice. Thanks.

Crigg Ervin
Google Reviews

I was moving from. Response was quick and service was thorough and professional.

Loreta Loshi
Google Reviews

I was delighted with the outcome. Fantastic service from start to finish at a very competitive price, and would 100% recommend based on my experience.

Irene Liu
Google Reviews

Amazing! Looks super clean now. Sam was very professional and very quick.

Graziella Bellucci
Google Reviews

Excellent he did a very good job this morning. Thank you so much!

Christina Neely
Google Reviews

Absolutely amazing company! Great customer service from start to finish. Had all the carpets cleaned due to just moving in and they were quite dirty... they look like new now!

Lorretta Morgan
Google Reviews

Arrived, promptly. All done within an hour. Massive difference to the carpets would highly recommend.

Debra Shriver
Google Reviews

They did a fantastic job on cleaning the sofas and even helped dry them too. It’s the second time we’ve had them round.

Genevieve Brown
Google Reviews

Good professional service! Good professional, timely service received! Will use again!

Michael William
Google Reviews

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Common questions and answers

How does carpet cleaning begin?

We start by walking around and taking a look at the carpeted areas you want to be cleaned. The technicians will assess how dirty the carpet is and if there are any major stains that need to be addressed. Then, we get right down to business!

What should I look for when hiring a carpet cleaner?

You want to find a Rosemead carpet cleaning company that will show up on time and provide long-lasting results. And for those qualities, you won’t find anyone better than our talented staff at Eco Green Carpet Cleaning!

Do you have to wait for carpets to dry after a cleaning?

Yes, but carpet cleaning done correctly should have quicker dry times. Because Eco Green only uses natural cleaners and safe techniques, our Rosemead carpet cleaning appointments have the fastest dry times.

Can you use too much shampoo on the carpet?

Sometimes shampoo is required to lift deep stains and tackle strong odors. This isn’t a technique we use every time at Eco Green, but when we do, we make sure not to use too much shampoo because it can oversaturate the carpet and leave behind residue.

Should I get my carpets cleaned every year?

It’s usually a good idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Eco Green offers year-round carpet cleaning in Rosemead for both residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today and receive a free quote!

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