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Mattress Cleaning Services

Washing your bed sheets and pillowcases is only the bare minimum of what constitutes adequate mattress cleaning. For maximum protection against dust, allergens, and everything else, Eco Green Carpet Cleaning delivers expert mattress cleaning at an affordable price. Very few companies have the skills and experience to compete with our quality of work.

Everyone deserves better sleep at night and mattress cleaning can provide that benefit when you need it most. Eco Green follows a broader, more holistic approach to our professional cleaning services in the sense that we also want to promote healthy living. It’s a scientific fact that quality sleep is good for your health.

We feel honored to bring better sleep to communities across Southern California. One of our main goals at Eco Green is improving the well-being of all and we truly believe mattress cleaning has the ability to do that! Our phone lines are open every day and we have technicians waiting on standby to field service calls right away. 

Eco Green’s Service Area 

Availability means everything in the cleaning service industry. People want to hire companies that can work around their schedules and book appointments fast. Luckily, we’ve developed an efficient system and employed enough people to expand our operations. In the 9 cities we serve across the region, Eco Green performs mattress cleaning for residents in the following areas:

Southern California is our home and we take great pride in being able to service homes and offices everywhere. As you can tell from our diverse list of service areas, Eco Green travels pretty much everywhere in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego counties. And if you live close to any of these cities, don’t hesitate to call!

Our mattress cleaning technicians live in these communities too and are flexible with scheduling appointments. We don’t mind driving an extra few miles for our loyal customers. Mattress cleaning is important and Eco Green is committed to accommodating everyone willing to trust us with cleaning everything from their mattress to their carpets and rugs. 

Bed Bug Protection

If you’ve ever had bed bugs, then you certainly want professional mattress cleaning to get rid of them as soon as possible. You’re constantly annoyed by biting and itching and it’s impossible to get any good sleep. Bed bugs are tricky pests because there are so many of them and they’re difficult to spot due to their size. You need someone with the right equipment to handle the job. 

Trained bug exterminators even have a tough time ensuring bed bugs are gone. This means it’s impossible to know if you have eliminated bed bugs completely. Mattress cleaning can prevent this type of situation because a clean mattress is less likely to attract bed bugs. And you’ll be happy to know Eco Green also offers upholstery cleaning that keeps bed bugs from populating your furniture too!

Stain & Soil Removal

Whenever you sleep, oils and skin flakes cover your sheets and seep into the fibers of your mattress. These organisms eventually work their way deeper and deeper into the mattress and lodge themselves past the point where ordinary tools can reach them. Furthermore, skin flakes attract dust mites, which then breed thousands of larvae that feed off your dead skin. 

These problems will only continue to get worse until you hire a company with professional cleaning experience. Eco Green offers top-tier mattress cleaning services that can achieve everything you’re looking for. We know how to eliminate stains and lift those oil and skin flakes out from the depths of your mattress. 

But these aren’t the only problematic materials inside your mattress. There are also plenty of little food crumbs and bacteria lurking beneath the surface. It’s safe to say at one point, we all broke our parent’s rule of not eating in bed. Mistakes happen and you’re free to enjoy a nice snack in the comfort of your bedroom. 

The issue comes from not properly cleaning your mattress after eating because food turns into bacteria over time. Depending on the bacteria’s growing conditions, there are most likely different types of bacteria growing and causing potential health hazards. This is when Eco Green’s mattress cleaning is critical. 

Preparing For Mattress Cleaning

Maybe the best part about Eco Green’s mattress cleaning is you don’t have to worry about preparing your bedroom before we arrive. All we ask you to do is strip the bed sheets and pillows from your mattress and then we’re ready to go! We try to make things as simple as possible because that helps our technicians finish faster too. 

Sometimes mattress cleaning leaves your bed soaking wet, forcing you to wait hours before using it again. Eco Green has quicker dry times after mattress cleaning because we use eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t leave chemical residue behind. We also utilize proven techniques that make your mattress smell fresh without lingering odors. 


What’s the best way to clean a mattress?

Steam cleaning your mattress is usually the most effective way. Eco Green specializes in steam cleaning mattresses and we offer great pricing on this service. Give us a call today and see how much you can save on mattress cleaning today!

Will pet urine ruin my mattress?

Pet urine smells bad and looks nasty, but it won’t ruin your mattress if you hire a professional cleaning service. We deal with urine stains all the time at Eco Green and our technicians know how to extract these stains from your mattress. 

Can I just flip my dirty mattress over?

The old myth that says you should flip your mattress over instead of cleaning it is quite foolish. You’re basically ignoring the problem and keeping all those trapped odors and soils inside. Mattress cleaning done by Eco Green eliminates germs and desanitizes. 

Does vacuuming work on mattresses?

Vacuuming your mattress will remove surface-level dirt and dust. However, it’s not powerful enough to lift deep stains and odors from the mattress fibers. That kind of work needs to be done through professional mattress cleaning for the best results. 

How long does mattress cleaning take? 

Eco Greens successfully completes mattress cleaning within 15 to 25 minutes. We don’t waste any time and get straight to work as soon as our technician arrives on site. It’s a simple and easy process when you trust Eco Green to handle your mattress cleaning.

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