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What Are High-Traffic Areas And How Do You Clean Them?

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You might have heard your cleaner refer to a part of your home as a “high-traffic area” as an explanation as to why it takes more time and effort to clean. But what are they talking about exactly? What is a high-traffic area, and how does it affect what it takes to clean a building?

Understanding these classifications makes finding solutions to care for these areas more straightforward. So if you find that certain parts of your building are getting dirtier quicker or fall into disrepair through basic everyday use, it is time to learn about high-traffic areas.

What Is A High-Traffic Area?

The term “high-traffic” refers to “foot traffic.” Meaning that this is the portion of a building where people are walking through consistently. Exits and entry ways are common high-traffic areas, but there are also certain paths throughout a business or home that are more well tread than others.

It is important to know where the high-traffic areas are in your building so you can protect your floors and floor coverings. These areas are going to experience more wear and dirt. So they will need more attention and protection. And if these areas are carpeted, you will need more frequent carpet cleaning.

How Do You Identify A High-Traffic Area?

It is rather straightforward to identify a high-traffic area if you have carpeted floors or other floor coverings. The high-traffic areas will be marked with darker discolorations. This results from more exposure to the bottoms of shoes or feet. If you use a rug cleaning service, it will be the part you clean most frequently.

Similar to seeing a couch cushion with a concave impression oriented where it is most often sat upon, your carpet or rug can get similarly compacted. But where upholstery cleaning won’t necessarily lift the cushion, and mattress cleaning won’t get rid of a human-shaped dent, carpet and rug cleaning often will uncompress the fabric fibers.

How Do You Clean High-Traffic Areas?

When it comes to cleaning high-traffic areas, vacuuming is not going to be enough. In fact, most steam cleaning services will not be strong enough to make a significant difference to the staining and damage. You will likely need deep cleaning.

To preserve your carpets, it is best to call for carpet cleaning rather than rely on over-the-counter cleaning and a bit of DIY elbow grease. When you are using a spot cleaner, shampoo, and even deodorizer, it can be tricky. You need results and don’t want to further damage your carpeting.

Closing Advice

If you get the correct type of cleaning, you can preserve your carpets far longer than if you were to leave them to degrade in their current state. Save money and keep your current aesthetic by protecting the floors and floor coverings in high-traffic areas.

For carpet cleaning near you, there is no better company to call than Eco Green Carpet Cleaning. We have the training, equipment, and experience needed to properly clean high-traffic areas.

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